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Why join me in Rodan and Fields?

Let's be partners....we can kill it!

Well, think about this ... $500 extra. WHAT IF you made that with a side business you can work from your residence (or in your PJs) every month❓ That's $6,000 a year-- IN YOUR POCKET. 💸

$1,000/ month = $12,000 a year
$4,000/ month = $48,000 a year
$8,000/ month = $96,000 a year
I think you get the rest!

What would you do with 12 extra paychecks a year? 🤷🏼‍♀️  Pay off debt? Use it to pay your home mortgage? Go on guilt-free vacation? Pay for day care? Pay for date nights? Pay for medical care? Quit your day ? Retire your spouse from their demanding job?

Ask yourself if your everyday work load, RIGHT now, is ever going to get you ahead? Or simply working harder for less than 5% raises annually.

It's something to think about. If you aren't satisfied with your answer, then perhaps Rodan + Fields can be your answer like it was for me. It's merely about aiding individuals discover solutions for their skin and financial problems. It's extra money for YOU as you aid them ... JUST working from your phone, on your very own terms. The possibility is endless! as we launch new products and COUNTRIES year after year.🌎 🙌🏼

I know what you're thinking-- believe me, "it sounds as well excellent to be real, I should have joined up earlier, I'm not a sales representative. I'm too excellent for an MLM."

Yeah, well I thought the same thing until I proved myself wrong. Everyone has skin; we are just in 3 countries; the process is straightforward. And, I really did know some individuals that desired {assistance with a this. 😉

I bet you do as well. When I tell you this business is a gift, I mean it. So, if you'd like more information,  please drop me a line!

This business has actually offered me a feeling of COMMUNITY and CHOICES. These are two effective things that everybody should have.
Before joining R+F nearly 4 years ago, I despised straight sales ... I never {desired to be that person. However, here I am: "that girl" ...!

✨The one who has a community of dreamers and doers beside me

✨The one who has freedom to travel the world like I never could before (time + money)

✨The one who can say YES more often

✨The one who can make a full time salary while working from home

✨The one who has found her PASSION and purpose

✨The one who can help others feel confident in their skin again

✨The one who has the ability to lead, inspire and empower others - ones who are like me AND those who are not!

✨The one with inner confidence

✨ The one who can ALWAYS put her family first!


I'm proud to be "that girl" and I think YOU would certainly be as well! It's alright to be curious and ask questions. That's what I did, and I'm so happy for that.

This is my unique story. For actual incomes search Rodan + Fields IDS.".

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Reserve an visit with me to go over R&F's item acquisitions or to become a valued member of my Consulting Team and receive a complimentary $300 Resort Savings Card, good for use at thousands of hotels worldwide!

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I am your Trusted Skin Care Products Consultant in Toronto

Thank you for your interest in the outstanding skin care products I have to supply. Redefine by Rodan and Fields is truly one of the very best products on the marketplace. I expect speaking with you! Jessica

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